Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Twelve Month Challenge - April

We have been given our verse to use for the Twelve Month Challenge for The Craft Barn  for April and we also have to use a primrose or daisy.  All was going well with my page until I dropped an inked butterfly stamp on my daisy edging so had to cover it up with a daisy sticker which luckily I had in my stash!  Never mind, it got a couple more stickers used up which is always my aim!  I also had a nice surprise when I checked on the blog this morning and found I was the random winner for last month!

Friday, 17 March 2017

12 Month Challenge - March

We have our new verse for March on The Craft Barn's 12 Month Challenge, and this time we have to use a mad hare and a daffodil - also to see if we could make it dance but I failed on that one!  I am finding these challenges a bit more of a challenge as I don't have the appropriate stamps to use so am having to print off some images to use.  Luckily I had a daffodil stamp so could still include my favourite technique which is stamping!

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Song Title Challenge - Somebody to Love

Our song for February on The Craft Barn's Song Title Challenge is Somebody to Love by Queen.  I knew I had just the right stamp to use for my altered beer mat with this cute Crafty Individuals stamp of the little girl and her dog!  I also managed to use up 3 out of my thousands of Prima flowers that I don't seem to use much these days but 'had to have' when they all came out years ago!  We have to include the words and who sang it on our work.  I feel this has turned out a little drab but maybe vintagey!

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

12 Month Challenge - February

The Craft Barn's 12 Month Challenge is a line each month from the poem The Months by Sara Coleridge.  Together with the verse for February we also have to include a cherub and hearts.  I found this a bit on the difficult side as I think this is one of the rare occasions I don't have a suitable stamp in my collection and had to resort to Googling free images!  I sat at my desk for a while trying to think how to bring this all together as the stamp I chose to use for a lake doesn't really go with my cherub image but in the end just went with a mish mash collage and used some peel offs and rub ons to complete my page!

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Song Challenge - Let it Snow

Another new challenge from The Craft Barn is a fortnightly Song Challenge where we are given the lyrics to a song and have to theme our work on them.  Again I have decided to go with beer mats for my base, having had a break from them last year!  The song this time is Let it Snow and I used a lovely Crafty Individuals stamp for this one.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

12 Month Challenge - January

It is a new year and we have a new challenge from The Craft Barn - the 12 Month Challenge.  Every 3 weeks we will be given a verse from Sara Coleridges's Poem, The Months.  Also there will be something else to be included and this month it's a bird in wellies!  So please excuse my feeble attempt at drawing some wellies as even though I am convinced that somewhere I have a stamp I cannot find it anywhere!  I have decided to go with the same format as last year's challenge as I have enough blank pages left from it to do this year's and again I intend to use a mixture of backing papers, stamps and embellishments from my stash mountain to try and reduce it!

Friday, 6 January 2017

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge - P

We have finally reached the last letter in our year long challenge on The Craft Barn and I have managed to keep up just about!  I've been ill since Christmas but have managed to summon up enough energy today to make it into my craft room so I can get this page made and the challenge completed!  Our letter is P and I went for Petals so I could use some of the stamps from my collection and as always a couple of extra P words from my Tim Holtz book of words! I have thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and am looking forward to the new one for 2017!

Happy New Year!

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge - M

Here we are with the penultimate letter on The Craft Barn's year-long Alpha/Dictionary Challenge, which this time is M.  I quickly made this page as time is short of course!  I was going to go for Man because I have several manly stamps but then decided to go for Motor as I know I hadn't used any motor car stamps for this challenge!

I would like to wish everyone who visits me a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge - Y

Nearly at the end of The Craft Barn's Alpha/Dictionary Challenge and yay I am up to date!  Our letter this time is Y and I chose to use Young for my word as I have an appropriate stamp in my Crafty Individuals collection that is just right and I haven't yet used it for this challenge - had to check back over all my pages just in case!  I also noticed afterwards that I had used yellow backing paper but this was entirely unintentional!

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge - I and V

I am finally up to date with The Craft Barn's Alpha/Dictionary Challenge.  Our new letter is I and the word I chose is Ice.  The backing paper I used has an icy look to it and if you click on the image you can see it is shimmery and shiny and I added Pine Needles Distress Ink as I always feel this is a wintry colour! The image I have used is an old favourite stamp that makes me think of a frosty icy day!

For my V page I decided to pick Violin as I remembered I had an appropriate stamp in my fairly large stamp collection that I don't often get to use!  Also the 2 flowers are violet in colour so I added those, and I then remembered that I do actually have a stamp of Violet flowers but it was too late by then!   I am now up to date and hopefully will stay that way until the end of the challenge!

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge - U and H

I missed the last challenge from The Craft Barn's Alpha/Dictionary Challenge so still need to catch up on that one (V). Our baby grandson has been with us for 3 months now and has gone home for a few days so I can get a few bits done.  I have finally caught up with H from a few weeks ago and have also managed to get the new challenge U done today!  For H I went for Humming Bird as I have a lovely Crafty Individuals stamp just right for the challenge!  And for U I went with what is probably an obvious one, Umbrella.  I love this little stamp by Tim Holtz but unfortunately it has succumbed to breaking down and crumbling like so many of my acrylic stamps have done over the years (I do look after them properly as advised by manufacturers).  I need to have a hunt around online and see if I can get myself another set of these although I am loathe to buy any more acrylic stamps really.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge - E

We have been given our new letter today for The Craft Barn's Alpha/Dictionary Challenge and as I have a free afternoon from looking after our grandson I got on with it straight away!  The letter is E and I went for Elegant.  I was able to use one of the first stamps I bought many years ago - it got a lot of use back then when I took part in swaps etc but I've not used it for some time, some backing paper from a pad I also bought ages ago and couldn't find much use for, and a couple of rub ons that just about still work!  As always I added another couple of E words.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge - X

We have X as our letter on The Craft Barn's Alpha/Dictionary Challenge this time.  I still have no crafting time at all so had to get this done quickly.  As I had used Christmas a few week ago I didn't really want to do Xmas but there wasn't much else to choose from in my dictionary so I went for X as meaning 10 in Roman numerals!

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge - O and Z

I am playing catch up on The Craft Barn's Alpha/Dictionary Challenge due to the fact that our 5 month old grandson has been living with us for the last month and I have zero opportunity to craft!  Luckily my daughter came to the rescue this morning and I managed to make my pages for Z plus a pearl and today's new letter, O.  I still have H to make but will get to that eventually!

I chose Owl for my O word, yes it's an easy one but I didn't have much time to think about anything more complicated so out came my Crafty Individuals owl stamp for another airing!

For Z I was initially going to go for Zebra but have mislaid my zebra stamp so in the end went for Zoological so I could use a variety of animal stamps that I have had for years!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge - Christmas

I am running out of days yet again!  Our current letter on The Craft Barn's Alpha/Dictionary Challenge is C and I chose quite an obvious one - Christmas!  Not sure if anyone else has gone for this word as I haven't checked the other entrants yet.  I found some old K & Co. backing paper and some Christmassy stamps for this and added a couple of extra words.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Gruffies & Guests Ch#31 - Summer

I have just posted the halfway reminder for Gruffies & Guests' current challenge, Summer.  I used a House Mouse image with a strawberry as strawberries definitely mean summer to me!  Our team mate Vickie set the challenge and is providing a prize of 3 Paper Studio Embossing Folders, so pop on over to the blog and take part for a chance to win!

Friday, 15 July 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge - Numbers

Our new letter on The Craft Barn's Alpha/Dictionary Challenge is N and I have managed to get this done a bit quicker than last time!  Apologies for not managing to get round to blogs for the last challenge, time really is a problem for me these days.  I will try and do better this time!  I went for Numbers for my chosen word and used several stamps for this, mostly Paper Artsy ones.  And as usual I popped another few N words on too!

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge - Wings

I'm again running out of days so managed to get the current The Craft Barn's Alpha/Dictionary Challenge page done today with a few days to spare!  Our letter this time is W and I did go for an obvious choice of Wings but wanted to use this Paper Artsy stamp which doesn't come out very often!  Also managed to use some more backing paper and a couple of butterfly stickers from my huge stash!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Gruffies & Guests Ch# 30 - Add a Number

I recently posted the halfway reminder for Gruffies & Guests Ch#30 - Add a Number.  I made a cute 1st birthday card using one of my very first House Mouse wooden stamps to join my collection many years ago and coloured it in with Promarkers and Copics.  Shaz set the theme this time and has kindly provided a fab prize so pop on over and take part for a chance to win!

Friday, 17 June 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge - K

Phew, up to date again!  The current theme on The Craft Barn's Alpha/Dictionary Challenge is K.  I managed to get T made and blogged a couple of days ago although I was too late to add it to the Challenge Blog.  Today I have made my K page and decided to go with the word Knowledgeable as when looking through my collection for a suitable stamp to use, I thought that this Crafty Individuals lady does indeed look very knowledgeable!  As always I added another couple of K words too.

Elizabeth - if you are visiting this, in answer to your question a couple of weeks ago - BP means backing paper!  Sorry I should have written it out in full instead of being lazy and using the initials! :)